Olivia Menard



Web, Illustration, Social Media, Copywriting

Olivia Menard wears many hats. As an Edmonton-based artist, composer, trombonist, educator, and leader within her community –– among many other things, Olivia approached me looking for a way to showcase her many talents, projects and offerings. 

My design approach to this project began by understanding what made Olivia, Olivia, and how we could communicate her fun and lively self through color, pattern, design, and clever copy.

Olivia is colorful, playful, and a little silly; she’s dedicated to her work, but doesn’t take herself too seriously. The visual identity needed to convey how community-oriented, personable, caring, and passionate she is about teaching others the joy she’s found in music.

The visual identity I developed is playful, smart, clean, punchy, and branded under the geniusly chosen moniker, Trombolivia.

Taking on an additional favorite role of mine, I assisted in some crafting some cheeky, conversational copy throughout her website to further the tone of the branding we developed.

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