Soon Is Not Soon Enough
Artist Book

Digital Print, Linocut and Trace Monotype
“Soon is Not Soon Enough” is a short book about the longest year.

As a sucker for children’s books, I drew reference from one of my favorite author and illustrators, Jon Klassen. He makes children’s books that, in my opinion, are meant as much to be read to adults as to children.

I like working between physical and digital, so the images in this book began as paper cut furniture, linocuts and trace monotypes (a traditional form of printmaking) before I brought them into my computer. I like the textures that only physical materials can bring to a project and trace monotype enabled me to do this. The initial planning included experimentation with paper-cut collage –– this method helped to un-block me creatively, and formed the block-ish furniture which later served as shapes for the final book.

I like writing words, and found myself scribbling fragments of thought down throughout the year. The text in the book is comprised of a short poem I wrote about loneliness, quietude and the growing pains of isolation. The supporting text in the monotypes offers fragments of thoughts: mumbled apologies to housemates, and hopes for a more deeply connected future.


Process ︎︎︎

This is a linocut test print that later formed the shapes of the furniture!This trace monotype was created physically first, and later scanned and manipulated digitally to create the final images in the artist book.

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