Video, Animation, Typography

Toon is my personal, visual exploration of producer and composer Chris Hyson’s single, Toon. As a big fan of Hyson’s projects, I was particularly struck by this track and its strange use of sampling and repetition. Stealing soundbites from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, Hyson describes his tune as a way to explore “constructing narratives with the use of dissonance; bringing together various unrelated samples in a way that they still found harmony when collected together.”

The visuals were interested in doing the same: I wanted to provide an almost-dreamlike, offbeat, strange meshing of typographic expression, color and characters set in motion. Drawing reference from Toon’s teaser video, the animations I created are appropriated from existing cartoons, including “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.


Sometimes I like to cut and paste existing material to generate my own, new stuff––sort of like Hyson’s sampling. In this video, I borrowed this clip from Videezy, and appropriated existing cartoon characters to make my own animations.

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