Friends of University of Alberta Hospitals (UAH) x McMullen Gallery

February 2022

Visual Identity
Print Design

Information Design

Facilitated by the Friends of University of Alberta Hospitals, the goal of the Self-Guided Art Tour is to promote the expansive collection of art located throughout the three adjoining Universty of Alberta Hospitals (UAH): Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Center (WMC); Kaye Edmonton Clinic (KEC); and Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute (MAZ).

Research supports that visual art aids the healing process by improving pain, depression, anxiety, blood pressure and distress. The UAH Collection is home to over 1,800 artworks that resonate with the varying experiences of staff, patients, and visitors within these spaces. Through the design of a bright and uplifting identity system, this Self-Guided Art Tour will guide users through each hospital space with ease, providing them with comfort, inspiration and distraction from the hospital environment.

Featured Artwork on the Tour are indicated with a wall label and QR code. The QR code directs visitors to the UAH Art Tour website to learn more about the Featured Artwork


My dear friend, Shannon Glassford assisted with production and design for the print materials. Yuri Marquez took the photograph of Alex Janvier’s piece, The Energy Bug. 

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